Golf Coaching

Lessons In Person

Gary Shaw Golf lessons are based at Naas Golf Club, County Kildare and Naas Driving Range, only 30-minutes from Dublin City.


You can book via Facebook Appointments, email, or phone +353896001099.


  • 1/2 hour €35
  • 1 hour €60

Cash, PayPal, Stripe, Revolut or credit card is accepted.

Online – Pop Lessons

Introducing Pop Lessons, a simplified yet effective way for you to improve your game from the comfort of your own home (just don’t break any windows)!
Simply send a video recording of your swing. Once analysed, you will receive your instruction video. Simple, that’s Pop Lessons!

Why Pop Lessons?

For a fractional cost of in-person lessons and no need to travel or schedule appointments, you can quickly start making improvements to your game. Pop Lessons are 100% discreet, your playing partners will be wondering where your new swing is coming from! Only Gary Shaw Golf and the client have access to swing/instruction videos.

Payments are carried-out securely via PayPal.

What you’ll need:

  1. A video recorder, capable to recording in High Definition (HD).
  2. Internet access.
  3. An email address or access to a file-sharing website to send & receive the videos, e.g. Google Drive/iCloud Drive/WeTransfer.

Recording your swing

You are required to upload a video of your swing from the front or side, as shown in the image below. Be careful to capture the full swing arc within the screen, preferably with sound on too.

Swing video angles: front and side on
Swing video angles; front and side-on.

4 easy steps to send and receive your Pop Lesson:

  1. Record your swing from one of the two angles shown above.
  2. Send the video as an attachment to, or for larger files, use a file sharing website like WeTransfer.
  3. Make your payment via this PayPal Link.
  4. Once video and payment are received, you will receive your reply instructional video within 2 working days, containing your Pop Lesson.